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Huazhong University of Science and Technology's personal homepage system is planned and built by the school, providing a platform for school teachers to display personal academic research and teaching work and achievements.

Teachers' personal homepage contains personal information, scientific information, teaching information, winning information, recruiting information work and my own related content, mainly used for the society and students introduce teachers' teaching and related research results, to promote the recruitment and academic exchange etc.

The teachers use the template provided by the platform to make their own personal home page after the unified identity authentication of the school. After the completion of the production, the teacher submits the application in the platform, and is opened by the network and the computing center after the examination and approval of the two level units. The content and update of the teacher's home page can be released after the two level unit review.

The teacher's personal home page system is only limited to the campus network, and the teacher should first visit the school VPN when he manages the personal home page outside the school.

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